Achieve Excellence in Education

Lead to Empower is a leadership development organization. It is our mission to guide and support our constituents to reach their highest potential by building a strong skill set in reflecting, taking action, and empowering those around them to commit to what is necessary to reach a world of equity, inclusion, and inspiration. Lead to Empower uses adult project-based learning to drive student results that are directly correlated to the needs of the school.

Unlock educator leadership potential

We treat every school as a unique organization. Our priority is to uncover the nuances, allowing us to create a comprehensive strategic plan that unlocks the school’s potential.

Utilizing our signature training and coaching programs, you gain a better understanding through adult project-based learning that immediately impacts daily operations.

Follow a customized journey

Leadership and Instructional Coaching

Provides strong game-changing coaching to current leaders that aligns to organizational goals and empowers team members to take full ownership of their learning.

Leadership Development Pipeline

Delivers professional development and coaching to build capacity within districts, networks, and organizations to elevate growth and staff continuity.

Organizational and Systemic Change

Develops a strategic plan and data-driven decision making to achieve yearly goals while empowering school or organizational members to be proactive in reaching high expectations.

Focus on actionable & measurable results

Lead to Empower’s approach is thorough to ensure that it is a worthwhile use of time for the school and its constituents. Our framework consists of the following components, as we consider these to be imperative to our process:

Lead to Empower have experts to analyze and/or generate assessment plans to impact teacher practices and improve student performance.

Lead to Empower is committed to a comprehensive evaluation process so that a plan can be developed that will generate the best results with the time allocated for the work.

Lead to Empower understands the demands of being a leader and also understands that leadership cannot be done alone. Developing buy-in and motivating others to get involved is essential to leadership success.

Lead to Empower is committed to adult project-based learning. For this model to be successful, consistent feedback must be provided empowering participants to persevere through struggles and maintain focus on the vision.

Lead to Empower is committed to equity. For equity to be achieved, all students must be taught grade-level content and have access to grade-level text. We provide the necessary training and development for teachers to do this work successfully.

Ready to rethink your education strategy?

Lead to Empower is about investing in teachers and aspiring administrators to equip them with the necessary leadership and data-driven decision making skills. Discover how our signature two-step process can accomplish your goals.

With the right data, we can construct an instructional agenda and strategy to increase staff productivity.

By providing regular, ongoing coaching, we help you obtain the goals personalized to your individual or team needs.